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Website Design, Illustration, Drawing – Christchurch

See what we can do for you, recent projects and our client’s testimonials.



Front-End Development

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to bring your project to life. The back-end side runs a MySQL database, WordPress, and PHP.

Website Design

A beautifully designed mobile and tablet compatible website that looks great and it is easy to browse.

Website Maintenance

Let us take care of your site while you keep focused on your business.


Save time finding a website hosting service. We can host your site.

Pimp my Site

We’ll share ideas on what we believe should be modified to improve the current website design as a whole.


Illustrations, Drawings, Logos

Elegantly authentic artistic designs. I can help you getting your message across.

Recent Projects

Coffee Shop Website Template


Scott Membry Website

Scott Membry Filmmaker

Design Team Website Template


Phillipstown Website

Phillipstown Community Hub

Green Kiwi Clean Website


Rainbow Christchurch

The Uprising Trust

Maori Art

Tutoko Consultants


The Uprising Trust


Jade Associates

Geekzone Badges

Tool: Adobe Illustrator

Animated Illustration

Tool: Adobe Photoshop


Tool: Adobe Illustrator

Happy Clients

Louie completely improved the image of our organization. He’s very talented and trustworthy. His engagement and attention to details on this project were superb. I’m looking forward to working with him again on future projects.


Martz Witty

The Uprising Trust

Louie listened to what we needed. He was also very clear about the process and time frame for developing the website. Luiz was very professional and has produced a website we are delighted with. He is reliable and always available for any additional help.


Viviana Zanetti

Phillipstown Community Hub Coordinator

Having Louie design my website was a great decision. I didn’t have to worry about anything from start to finish. I can’t recommend Luiz highly enough for his creative process and professionalism.



Scott Membry


I know you have a lot of choice as to who will work with you, so if you’re wondering how I’ll be a good fit for your project, I’ve listed a few of my strengths below.


I understand that you may have had a bad experience in hiring contractors in the past. I am a business person too, and I hate when professionals are not accountable. I pride myself on reliability and excellent communication.


I love what I do. That makes it easy for me to be engaged on my clients’ projects, enjoying myself during the process and delivering the best possible results. I do believe when you work doing what you are passionate about it, you can’t go wrong. Commitment to my clients, and ultimately to myself, is vital.


I value the relationship with my clients. It’s important to me being transparent about my work. I’ll always share with you what’s going on and which stage of the project we are at the moment. I never leave my clients in the dark. Also, I’m proactive. If I have ideas to improve your website, or if I need your content, logo, or images, I’ll let you know, instead of just sitting back.


Have you ever worked with someone who’s very skilled but lacking in social skills? I agree. It isn’t a good experience. Well, despite having excellent skills I’m good with people too.

The Benefits of Using my Services

Website Design

I design websites with your audience in mind. That way your customers can find your product/service or contact you quickly. That means more leads, more business. Also having an online presence increases your branding credibility.


No more endless support telephone calls. Reaching me is easy.
Hosting with me makes it a lot simpler to maintain security and performance of your site overall.

Avoid a Disaster - Website Maintenance
no backup nightmare

Trust me. You don’t want to be the person who isn’t prepared for emergencies.

    • Security

Keeping your WordPress installation, plugins and themes up to date helps reduce the risk of your website being compromised or defaced.

    • Performance

Reduce the risk of losing customers or even sales because of broken links, out-of-date plugins or a slow website.

    • Backup

Have you ever lost photos or documents to a server crash or a nasty virus? On a personal level, this is awful. On a business one, it is even worse. You don’t want to lose five, ten years of work. That could result in losing money and having your company’s reputation ruined.

    • Peace of mind

Letting me taking care of your website allows you to focus on your business instead of spending time learning how to code or create technical solutions to secure your online space.

Pimp my Site

No budget for a new website yet? No problem. Let me analyse your current site, and then I will share ideas on what I believe should be modified to improve the design as a whole. The next step will be carrying out changes that we’ve agreed to.
You will spend less money and will end up with an impressively improved website.

Illustrations, Drawings, Logos

Beautifully crafted and authentic designs will reinforce your branding effectively. In plain English, I can help you and your company look good. That awareness contributes to more leads and business opportunities.

I’m Ready

Drop me a line today if you have an exciting project idea and looking for a creative designer. I’ll contact you soon.